Good Friday Meeting is a Christian meeting group with an ambition of building Catholics around the world in change propagators

At Good Friday Meeting, our Christian meeting group resembles a Catholic rotary club. We are the rotary club with a difference. Our values are anchored on the principles of Catholicism as well as the core principles of being a Rotarian which is to help people.

Our meeting club believes in building the lives of our community, making an impact in our society by fostering the Catholic agenda which is to bring more souls to Christ. We have been able to make use of these values to spread the message of God and to help people come to terms with their spirituality.

Good Friday Meeting is a club for Catholics even though we accept people of other faith who prefer to live their lives the Catholic way. Our lives revolve around promoting the Catholic doctrine and using our resources to touch the lives of the people around us both far and near. Our vision is to reach out to more people who lack basic amenities and those living below the poverty line to show them the light of God by lifting them out of poverty or providing the necessary amenities needed to increase their quality of life.

We have a network of Christian rotary clubs who share the same believes and we use that network to further our objects which is to help the poor and bring them closer to Christ. We are able to work hand in glove with the clergy to ensure that spiritual services are offered to those who may need them.

Some of our daily and weekly activities involve saying Masses to strengthen your spirit, and ensuring that confessions are heard daily for our members and others who would like to cleanse themselves of sin. We also ensure that the less privileged people are cared for by providing soup kitchens where their bodies can be fed.

We understand the body has to be strong for the soul to have faith and we do everything in our power to ensure food and basic medical supplies are met. For those who are about to pass into the after life, we are able to offer Viaticum which consist of Holy Communion, as well as the ritual prayers of Commendation and offering Prayers for the Dead.

Good Friday Meeting is always looking for more members who can donate their Time, Talent, or Treasures (3Ts). To become one of us, please see here.