At our meeting/rotary club we are more than just Rotarians. We are Catholics. We carry out projects which do not just impact on the physical lives of the people, but also on their spiritual lives as well. Our aim is to foster a society where people can live with one another and love each other, guided by the light of the God and the obedience of the laws of St. Peter. Some of the projects in the offing include:

Education Resources

Are you an educator in a Catholic grade school or high school? Are you a leader of the youths in church or a catechism in charge of liturgy lessons, confirmation classes or other extra-curricular group in the Parish you attend? If your answer is yes to all the questions posed, then we have a broad range of tools to help support your cause.

Grade School Teaching Resources

You can make use of the Grade School learning resource on our website to assist the learning methodology in your school or Parish. We have a compendium of classroom ideas which are suitable for busy and active teachers and these resources include lesson frameworks and syllabus, as well as ideas for fundraising for your school.

High School Teaching Resources

You can make use of the website to discover high school teaching resources which will be beneficial for your class. These resources can be used to inspire your charges to aim higher in their future dreams while helping them to solve the immediate problems plaguing their environment. To find out more about the high school teaching resources and how to make use of them please see here.

International Projects

We have a few international projects going on which are done to directly impact on the quality of life of the people in those communities. We take on projects which can bring lasting goodness to such people after which we help them with the second phase which is to draw them closer to Christ.

We are currently involved in a water project in the freezing mountainous regions of Nepal where there is little access to portable clean drinking water. We have subsequently established a Trust for the purpose of accomplishing this objective and we have made inroads in terms of project completion today.

Youth Tournaments

We work in collaboration with local Catholic schools to produce local tournaments which our youths can participate in. We do this so they can channel their energies in the productive areas of their lives and by so doing, ensure they stay away from negative influences such as drug, and alcohol abuse as well as burglary and skipping school.

Some of the competitions including Best Chef, Best Writer, and we have also tried to introduce STEM inspired competitions. Some of the winners of our competitions have gone on to receive full scholarships to study the course of their choice and are making an impact in society today. To find out more on how to fund, donate or sponsor our projects, please click here.