Meeting together and hearing from one another is central to what we do at the Catholic Rotary Club. We hold different types of meetings and fundraisers depending on the agenda, purpose or time of the year. We have a weekly Monday meeting which takes place immediately after the evening Mass and we use this meeting to map out the plans for the week.

We also have meetings where we invite special guests to come give us talks on areas which can improve the lives of our members. We also have special meetings for our members who are in need of our help and these include:

Catholic AA Meetings

These meetings are organized in collaboration with the Catholic Church and Rotary International to ensure members are given a safe place to meet and talk about their addiction to alcohol in a bid to fighting and conquering such addiction. Catholic AA meetings are open for all practicing Catholics as well as Rotary members and give them a platform for their voices to be heard.

At this meeting, we try to look at solutions for curbing alcohol abuse because we know the abuse of alcohol can disrupt the home and separate members from the church. We therefore use this medium to encourage members who are addicted to alcohol to sign up now and begin their journey towards wellness and God. To find out more on this meeting, click here.

Other meetings

We also have other meetings which are spontaneously arranged and on the fly. These meetings are for taking critical action in situations where it might be too late do so if we were to wait for the weekly meetings. Notification is given to all members before this meeting is held.