We have a wide variety of events which helps identify us as Rotarians and practicing Catholics. We also carry out events in order to propagate our agenda which is to improve our community as well as bring people closer to God through the Catholic Way. Some of the events we host include:

Run 4 Christ

Run for Christ is a highly anticipated bi-annual marathon that helps to keep our bodies fit so that we can serve our communities better. The marathon is open to everybody irrespective of their creed or color and we channel the monies raised from this event into the current projects we are handling. The Run 4 Christ Marathon is held every January and June each year. To sign up for the upcoming event please click here.

Food 4 Your Soul

This is an event where we try to feed the hungry and the less privileged. We setup soup kitchens around the community where hot meals can be served. We also use this opportunity to provide clothing and medicine for the needy while making sure to distribute bibles and rosaries. The aim of this event is to ensure the body is well fed and clothed so as to open the heart of man towards salvation. To find out how to contribute to the cause please see here.