Ways to Improve Your Catholic Faith

Deangelo Emard 2020-03-14

It does not matter whether you feel like you have no faith in God or you feel packed with spiritual energy, there will always be a new ways to ensure your closeness with God. Catholicism is rooted in hundreds of years of ancient wisdom and traditions.

This means there is always an untold history or treasure to discover. But first, you can start by making use of these tips to not only strengthen your Catholic faith, but to improve your bond with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Attend Daily Mass

The ability to frequent the sacraments as well as the attendance of Holy Mass is a certain way to ensure your faith and standing with God is improved. Jesus Christ has sacrificed His life for us, and by so doing, He gave us the gift of Mass. Many of us only take advantage of this gift on Sundays and throughout the rest of the week, we revert to our old ways of sin.

But the gift of Mass is not just a weekly Sunday ritual, but a gift to be enjoyed every day of our lives. You can help your spiritual life by checking with your community Parish and ascertain the schedule and time for the daily Mass. There are at least 2 Masses which can be suitable and several fundraisers for your needs.

If you cannot attend early morning Mass because of work, then you can attend the evening Mass after you get back. Even if you cannot be physically present, you can sign up to Catholic TV and subscribe to Mass on-demand. One thing is certain. Attending Mass daily will improve your Catholic faith.

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Read the Scripture

Over the course of our daily activities, we may try to wonder what God has in store for us and His purpose for our lives. One of the best places to figure this out is through the reading of the scriptures. God's Word is Eternal and to understand what He wants from us is to pick up our Bible and read every day.

There is nothing better than an alone time for quiet contemplation and this time can help you to hear His Voice clearly in your heart. Make sure you have a physical Bible and if you do not, then it is still okay. There are many electronic Bible apps on the mobile and Tablet devices including audio books. If you still are not sure how to begin, you can take a step by using the daily scripture readings in the Catholic bulletin for the week.

The scripture is food for your soul and gives you nourishment everlasting. Start reading your scriptures today.

Pray Your Rosary

Your rosary has a purpose. That purpose is to strengthen your faith in God. There are many prayers which you could pray with the help of your rosary. These prayers include the Mysteries. The Mysteries have been so designed to keep your faith locked in God constantly.

You can choose to pray the Glorious Mysteries which are to be prayed of Sunday and Wednesday, on Monday and Saturday, you pray the Joyful Mysteries, the Sorrowful Mysteries are to be said on Tuesdays and Fridays while the a Luminous Mysteries can be said on Thursday. By praying these mysteries every day, you can strengthen your Catholic Faith and closes with our Lord Jesus Christ.


There are other ways to improve your faith such as going for confessions and giving to charity. But by following these 3 tips you can improve your Catholicism and enrich your spirit in Christ.

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